July 10, 2023

How AI is changing the video creation process

Juan Camilo Rivera

We all know that AI has been revolutionising the creative industry and every other industry for that matter. In this post we're exploring the impact of AI and some of the exciting new tools that are emerging in the audiovisual industry. It's an industry that's always at the forefront of technological advancements, constantly pushing the boundaries of visual effects at the service of storytelling. AI (Artificial intelligence) has emerged as a game changer for filmmakers. Every stage of production, from scriptwriting to postproduction, has been optimised by the new tools and technologies that are now available. We at Sidekick think that it’s important to know what’s happening in order to keep up with the fast-changing times we are living in.

This article explores how AI is reshaping the audiovisual industry, enhancing creativity, improving efficiency, and opening up new horizons for filmmakers worldwide.

Script writing

Did you know that AI can write film scripts? Imagine having a writer that never tires and doesn't need coffee breaks. Well, AI-powered software like Jasper analyses a whole library of existing scripts, books, and screenplays to generate new ideas. You simply input the theme of the content, the tone of voice that you want to use, and how long you want it to be, and, after writing a few sentences you can hit the “compose” button so Jasper will continue the story from where you left off.

Ever wondered how to start your influencer career? For short content formats like TikTok there are AI-powered idea generators like, a website that will generate ideas for you based on your niche and topics. You can then choose to also generate captions or hashtags to successfully share your content.


The pre-production phase has also been positively affected by AI. If you're looking for a specific shot, AI-powered algorithms can look through thousands of images and videos searching for the perfect location. If you’re an AD (Assistant Director) struggling with multiple scenes and locations then you can use Yamdu, an AI-powered tool that creates complex call sheets in a matter of seconds. StudioBinder is also another great example of how machine learning software can analyse your script, creating shot lists, budgets, and schedules automatically.


During the production stage, AI has transformed the way films are shot. AI-powered cameras analyse scenes in real-time, adjusting exposure and focus quickly and accurately. Series like The Mandalorian used a very complex machine learning algorithm to create scenes shot in a set surrounded by LED screens that adjusted automatically to the camera movements. Imagine being an actor who's used to only working with green screens and then suddenly you're surrounded by the sci-fi landscape, transporting you inside the very story you're creating, like a real life avatar. This helps actors improve their performance so they no longer need to recreate the world in their heads (not saying that imagination is a bad thing, of course). This type of technology also saves a lot of time and budget in the post-production process.


Post-production has never been more exciting. Thanks to AI, you can seamlessly blend real-world footage with CGI, creating visual effects instantly - even on your phone. The AI-powered feature Content Aware Fill in Photoshop is now so powerful that you can easily re-create the whole universe beginning with a simple picture of our moon. This has been used in films also, saving lots of valuable time for the VFX artists that can now focus on the creative side of their compositions. For short-format video content creators, video editing software like Nova AI is a tool that cuts, trims, and collides your clips with only a couple of clicks. It lets you make different versions of your videos, so you can split-test them with your audiences.

Another exciting aspect of the postproduction phase is AI-generated music for videos. Aiva is one of the most impressive AI music generators available. It's constantly being improved to compose soundtracks for ads, video games, movies, and much more. No more tiresome scrolling through infinite music catalogs.

Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly revolutionised the audiovisual industry. From assisting in scriptwriting and pre-production to enhancing production and post-production processes, it has become an invaluable ally for filmmakers. While AI is transforming video content creation, it's important to remember that human creativity still takes centre stage.

At Sidekick, we're very excited about all the opportunities that AI has to offer. We're also developing our very own AI video tool to help brands create quick and affordable video content, which will be available soon. In the meantime we encourage you to try these amazing tools and to go out there and make your ideas come to life!

If you would like to chat with us about how to improve or optimise your video content then please pop us an email.

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