June 24, 2023

Learn how technology is affecting leading industries

Beverley Griffiths

According to Forbes, technology disruption is after every single industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies have started to embrace the influence of technology and use them in their favor. This is actually the best way to deal with tech disruption.

Although people usually talk about trends like artificial intelligence or robotics as if they’re upcoming technologies, they’re already here among us. You just need to look at your daily life activities and you’ll notice that you use AI more than you think. Today, we’ll show you the impact of technology in leading industries.


The IoT trend is taking over. Today, almost everything is connected to the Internet, from coffee makers to smart speakers, and even TVs. It looks like something new, but the first time someone ever brought the IoT concept was in 1999 by Kevin Ashton when he was working at Procter & Gamble. However, there’s also another less recent reference from IoT in the 70s with the embedded Internet concept.

Iot is disrupting several industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and even the design of cities. The healthcare industry is using IoT to improve patients’ quality of life by providing them better diagnosis.

There’s an innovative technology that’s disrupting the healthcare industry. The US Food & Drug Administration recently approved the use of a digital pill that’s meant to help doctors monitor what happens in the stomach. These digital pills have sensors that detect information inside the patients’ bodies to help doctors understand their conditions. These pills are digestible and they could make a huge impact in the healthcare industry.

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On the other hand, IoT has the potential to improve our cities. The use of automated cars will probably become common in the future. However, today they’ve had some issues because they’ve been caught when crossing the streets during a red light.

Yet, this is about to change due to IoT. With smart traffic lights connected to the Internet, automated cars can detect when it’s their turn to cross the street. Besides, smart traffic lights can also improve the traffic flow because they’d have sensors that detect the presence of other cars.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is shaping every single aspect of our lives. Therefore, many industries have been using it for business purposes. Artificial intelligence is a discipline that allows computers to simulate our actions. That’s why AI is one of the most vital components of automation.

Artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing in the customer service department. Digital marketers need to spend time in relevant aspects like strategy planning and monitoring current activities. Replying to messages and calls usually takes too much time. However, AI-driven chatbots are there for customers 24/7. They’re still not perfect and they don’t have all the answers, so if users ask for something that chatbots cannot answer, they redirect the call to a human operator.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is also disrupting the transportation industry. With the rapid evolution of autonomous cars, the role of human drivers might be replaced by AI-powered cars. In fact, in Elon Musk’s prediction of the city of the future, transportation will be completely automated.

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Machine learning

Machine learning is an application of AI that allows computers to access data and learn from themselves. This means that machines can automatically learn from experience without human intervention. This technology is making a huge impact on almost every single industry.

One of the most affected industries is animation. Machine learning has improved animation software by easing the process of designing and programming. Animators no longer have to do everything step by step. Instead, they can just give instructions to the software so it can automatically create the design for them.

This has fostered some debate in the animation industry regarding the role of animators. And although these designs are usually very realistic, machine learning won’t substitute humans.

On the other hand, machine learning has also improved climate predictions. This is very important because it could even save lives. Accurately predicting natural phenomena in advance could help governments save a lot of people from natural disasters.


There are many tech trends today that are disrupting most industries. However, some of the strongest ones are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. If companies want to stay afloat, it is crucial for them to embrace these changes.

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