Be extraordinary with CIPHR

"We take care of the ordinary" was Sidekick's first ever print campaign, which was produced for CIPHR, an HR SaaS provider. This was part of a series of ads that went live over six months, featuring in local UK industry publications.

The challenge

As an HR SaaS business, CIPHR is focused on helping their target audience of HR managers take care of the simpler HR tasks through their software automation, so that they can spend more time on the more important, strategic decisions. The client had booked full page ad space in local industry publications which were running once a month. Our task was to create a new campaign each month to sell the SaaS benefits.

How did we achieve this?

We were fortunate to have the creative freedom to go big and bold.

Since CIPHR's mission is about helping HR managers become better at their job, we created the line "We take care of the ordinary, so you can be extraordinary" We simply refined the literal product benefits into an emotive headline, encouraging the reader to find out more.

The process

Our next challenge was to execute this concept, but we had a shoe string budget so we couldn't afford a photo shoot. We then found a series of portraits on extraordinary people. When we stumbled across this portrait of a gentleman and his moustache we knew that this was the one, so we reached out to the photographer and to our surprise he said yes. I believe we paid around £80 to use the image.

The typography had to do it justice to the photography. So, we got to work developing several typographic styles before choosing the one that you see in the ad. We're very proud of the end result, which is why we keep it in our portfolio to this day.