The challenge

The aim of this multi-channel campaign was to create awareness of Tide as the bank that supports SMEs and to run alongside Tide's TV commercial "Founders make some noise". The goal was to encourage businesses to sign up to Tide and open a business account. We subsequently launched an outdoor campaign that featured those very same Tide members from the TV ad. After all, businesses aren't born to do admin, they're born to be disruptive and focus on what they're good at.

How did we achieve this?

The question we asked ourselves is "What challenges do growing businesses all have in common and how does Tide help solve them?"

We related to businesses by understanding their purpose and sympathising with their pain points. Founders usually start their business to do something that they are passionate about doing or changing. They don’t start a business to spend their time doing admin tasks, which is where Tide helps. Early stage founders often spend far too much time managing and far less time doing/ advocating for their business. By giving business owners their time back, Tide helps businesses to get back to doing more of what they love, growing their business. It's aspirational, motivational and human - think Nike, but replacing athletes with business owners.

48 sheet creative billboards

Creating buzz online and offline

The outdoor campaign was largely featured across London and TFL over the course of 6 weeks in addition to a digital campaign hero-ing our wonderful Tide members. We utilised the member Q&A recordings as voice overs for the online channels, which were prominently Instagram and Tiktok. In addition to Tide, the members received a large uptick in traffic and enquiries with the aid of their own social shares, which helped build organic traction via their own business networks.

Digital display

A trusty voice

We also supported the flagship campaign with a series of testimonials to help bolster the authenticity and credibility of Tide and their members, both online and offline. This extra perspective made customers aware that Tide features real business owners in their marketing channels and this is what they have to say about Tide.

TFL Tube Car Panels

The process

Our intention was to develop a creative toolkit for Tide to use throughout the year, making sure that social content wasn’t an afterthought. We focused on capturing additional content when possible, including a Q&A with Tide members and additional footage all shot on a mobile (not a fancy camera) to be more effective on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. This content made our entrepreneurs more relatable. Since the Tide brand was in a transitional phase we developed the Tide portal graphic (card shape) as a visual device to improve brand awareness across all channels. In tandem with the studio portraits we also went live with the behind-the-scenes imagery to provide authentic insights in the form of quotes and testimonials.

Our messaging needed to support the visual narrative by being bold, yet human and above all, to speak to business owners and to drive action.

Studio photo shoot - Behind the scenes