Harness the power of your work voice

Chalkboard is a platform that helps small business owners manage their work and personal contacts all in one app without the need for a second phone. Our task was to create a series of online videos targeting small businesses and highlight the key benefits for both UK and US customers. We wanted our eccentric plant shop owner to be relatable to business owners but not to be taken too seriously, which is why humour was an important factor. To keep the pace of the videos we showcase Chalkboard’s UI by augmenting text and graphics in the environment.

Initial style frames and exploration

The challenge

“Harness the power of your work voice” is the proposition that lead the creative, after all, we all have a voice that we use for answering work related calls. Striking the right balance of comedy was important, so we spent a lot of time casting to find the right talent for the role. We also had a challenging deadline for a set of 8 videos with UK and US subtitles as well as numerous adaptions. We managed to turn the whole production around in 4 weeks, so we were very chuffed with the achievement thanks to our coffee sponsors.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!