Two stories in two afternoons

Founder Stories became a series of documentary style videos that Sidekick produced for Tide, to bring to life the real stories of Tide members as well as their insights for the next wave of entrepreneurs. In this video series we spoke with Hamish and Stephen, the proud owners of the Old Curiosity Distillery and Lindsay's Highland Tours, just outside Edinburgh and Glasgow. The videos dive into the heart felt stories behind these businesses and their love for nature.

Each of the Tide members that we filmed launched their businesses with Tide.

The challenge

We had to photograph and film 5 different businesses in two days - challenge accepted! With our trusty van (below), elite film crew and client squad we drove to every location within the two days without missing a single moment with each business. We had selected two of these businesses to film and the remiaining would be a Q&A with photography. The videos are featured on Tide's Youtube channel, targeting small business owners across the UK.

The great outdoors

It's not always easy filming outside since (surprise, surprise) weather is not the most predictable in Scotland. We however, were incredibly fortunate and had two glorious days of filming and photographing these busineses. Our van was our home for two days and we even recorded one of the VOs inside the van next to the Loch.

Old Curiosity Distillery & Lindsay's Highland tours

The businesses

Over the course of two days we documented 5 different businesses, each with an interesting story to tell. A large amount of this content was then reformatted and used across digital channels and helped prospective businesses understand how Tide can support them.

The wonderful businesses we interviewed

Our process

We used a skeleton crew to film our members, following the businesses around during the day to understand and record their daily routines and processes. We approached this filming project in a very ad-hoc way and simply. Having a nimble crew has a lot of benefit since you can be much lighter on your toes and spend more time capturing genuine moments without so much scripting. Hats off to these lovely businesses!

A few pics from behind the scenes