Results to rattle about

UK TV Commercial

Linear TV further developed as a core acquisition channel, with 32% growth in TV attributed volume compared to our pre-member campaigns.


For OOH, we had a high frequency and impact London Underground and national billboard campaign running from Q4’21 until the end of Q1’22, which even after pausing, has continued to drive conversions at a similar level to when the campaign was live, demonstrating its lasting impression. It also drove a 38% YoY increase in conversions attributable to OOH.


From a digital standpoint, we utilised visuals and footage of members to create static banners and short looping GIFs on paid social campaigns from Q1 2022. These direct response, performance marketing campaigns were created to support the launch of Tide’s new products and features and instead of going down a very product focused route for our creative assets, we maintained our Tide members at the heart of them. As a result of this campaign, conversions increased by 64% into Q1 2022 when compared to Q4 2021, our CPA reduced by 39% and our cost per engagement also reduced by 11%.

Intro storyboard
Behind the scenes

Founders, make some noise

The Founders Make Some Noise campaign launched in September 2021, featuring Tide members and their own small businesses - Luxemore London, Salami Events and Loud Architects.

This was an evolution from the success of our Rise Entrepreneur campaign which also put a spotlight on four different Tide members with real businesses. With fintech being an ever-growing, fast developing industry, Tide’s position as a digital financial platform solely dedicated to small business owners posed an opportunity for Tide to stand out even more, by honouring their members. This is a key value of Tide and it was an easy decision to shift away from casting actors and putting our members in their place to be the face of Tide, promoting their small businesses along the way.

The Founders Make Some Noise campaign was, and continues to be cross-channel, featuring on paid marketing channels including TV, out of home (OOH), paid social and display.

Tide members that were featured in the campaign

The challenge

Tide needed to reach a wider audience of diverse and scaling businesses; a more established audience compared to their previous year. This included small business owners, entrepreneurs, sole traders and medium size business owners.

Tide offer a range of plans from the Free Plan, to Tide Plus and Tide Plus Cashback. These plans are tailored to support businesses at every level and so we needed to make these benefits clear to potential customers and position Tide as a more established business bank, not just for the early stages of company formation. Tide’s mission is to save businesses time and money by managing all their businesses’ financial admin in one place, so they can get back to doing what they love. With that said; the goal of the campaign was to empower entrepreneurs by showcasing Tide members in their element, doing exactly that; what they love.

Featuring Tide members centre stage

Member imagery and videos from the campaign have also featured heavily on Tide's social media accounts as well as all across their website, with blog posts on each member and their stories on starting their small businesses and how Tide has helped them grow. Members have been incredibly positive about their experience featuring in our member focused campaigns with one member posting an image on social media of herself against a tube 96-sheet featuring her business saying:

“If anyone had told me I’ll be around London on tube stations & on YouTube Ads, never would I have believed it. Thank you all for supporting my business along the way…”

The campaign has not only supported and grown Tide’s business, but it has done the same for our members.

Doing more with less

The Founders Make Some Noise campaign has been a huge success by focusing on using real businesses across the campaign - Tide’s members. Within limited budgets we have been able to create an entire library of content and behind the scenes material, demonstrating not only value and acquisition for Tide’s business, but empowerment and support for their members’ (small businesses).