The joy of business with Tide

'Get more joy out of business' was Tide's first TV campaign in 2023, which featured 6 Tide members/ businesses. We selected diverse businesses of varying sizes to represent Tide's maturing audience. The commercial launched in February 2023 as part of a UK wide campaign. Sidekick's brief was actually to refresh Tide's digital video content but once the production had wrapped, Tide wanted to adapt the content for TV. The on-shoot photography was subsequently used for the OOH campaign to coincide with the launch.

Throughout the short TV spot we show Tide members utilising Tide's app and easy-to-use features like Invoicing and expense tracking, whilst on the go managing business. The TV spots featured were adapted to 30,20 and 10 second cut-downs alongside a large digital campaign across platforms like Google Display, Meta and Tiktok.

OOH campaign live around London

The challenge

We had to film 5 businesses over the course of 5 days, across the UK, so we needed the A-team! Sidekick was tasked with refreshing the existing TV creative and evolve Tide's message to appeal to businesses of varying sizes and maturity, to highlight the vast range of Tide's tools and features and encourage some legacy customers to consider switching to a mobile alternative. We highlight Tide's product offering - giving business owners time to get back to what they enjoy.

Tide's brand is about empowering small businesses to take the leap to do something that they're passionate about. Tide's products subsequently support businesses along their journey with a business account and a suite of finance tools. To embody Tide's brand DNA we developed a message that celebrated the ups of having a business. There's no denying that it takes a lot of leg work to get a business off the ground, but ambition doesn't always have to be so serious.

How did we achieve this?

Businesses had suffered a lot due to Covid-19 and so we wanted a message that was encouraging.

We developed the line "Get more joy out of business" to align with Tide's brand mission - to empower entrepreneurs along their journey with the financial tools that they need to continue doing what they love. It's a message that resonates with Tide's audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Shots on set

Filming on iPhone VS fancy camera

When we produce a TV commercial with Tide we always hire an additional camera operator to record the same sequence on a humble iPhone - yup that's right. The reason we do this is for all the social adaptations. The videos need to perform at their best across social channels like Meta (Instagram) and Tikok so that they feel more native and lo-fi. Once you've set the scene and lights are in place, you get a surprisingly high quality mobile production that has more movement and energy as well as that hand-held, DIY feel.

Below you can watch the comparison video to see the mobile footage side by side with the Red Dragon camera, AKA fancy cam.

Get more from Tiktok & Instagram

A large part of the production was ensuring enough content for use across social channels like Tikok and Meta. To help with this we conducted a series of short Q&As on-set which we later used as VO to promote various Tide products. A big bonus is that these Q&As are a great opportunity to chat directly with the members and get feedback by understanding what tools/ products that they do and don't find useful, which in turn becomes a useful toolkit of testimonials.

The process

The film shoot lasted four days, but that of course doesn't include all the production prep that the team did to get all the props, equipment and locations organised and schedules. Our first location was up in Pontefract (Yorkshire) and then the team had the next day to do a Recce down in London to be ready to film the remaining 3 days in two key locations around London, one being The Nest climbing centre in Hayes, and the other location was a large mansion in south London which had various spaces which we dressed.

The were various constraints that we had to overcome when filming, budget being one of them, but we had to capture a lot of shots (film and stills) with multiple Tide members, across multiple locations, in a very short time. We made it!

Behind the scenes
View from the director
The difference in location setups