Businesses shall arise!

'Rise Entrepreneur' was a UK wide TV commercial and multi-channel campaign. With recovery from COVID on the horizon we had the opportunity to run an ATL campaign to continue Tide’s dedication message. The focus of this campaign was to re-energise and show support for entrepreneurs across the UK to start afresh, and to begin their journey with Tide during a turbulent and historic time. At the same time this campaign needed longevity. Tide’s dedication to its members is what sets their business account apart from the competition.

Dedication in adversity

Covid, for many, was a time for change and what better a time for starting a business. IBM, Microsoft, Fedex, Disney, Burger King and Apple, all started their journeys in a recession. Adversity can accelerate entrepreneurship. With cheaper interest rates and more access to talent it can be the ideal breeding ground, but that’s not to say this doesn’t come without its fair share of risks in equal measure.

Outdoor campaign

“Rise Entrepreneur” is a literal call to action; a pep talk to reinvigorate the UKs small business economy. It was an opportunity for Tide to use their voice and to lead by example, rallying entrepreneurs to rise up, take action and start something of their own, using lockdown as an opportunity. The creative challenge was to show how and why Tide is the banking platform to champion small business owners, especially during their time of need. Filming during Covid was a challenge within itself.

It was an opportunity to acknowledge what’s happened and look forward with a positive lens, which was no easy feat. Many lives have been lost and so the tone needed to be respectful and altruistic. Not only that but the campaign needed longevity; to be relevant both now and in the future, outliving Covid-19.

Campaign results

→ Rise Entrepreneur campaign boosted Tide brand demand and Paid Search brand campaign searches increased by 30% which led to 18% more approved Tide members.

→ The campaign drove an incremental amount of traffic to the Tide website which resulted in +37% users, +36% sessions and +8% goal completions (web signups)

→ Increased signups by 22% and improved CVR by 35%

→ Search conversions up 112%

→ Branded paid search impressions up 95%, clicks up 89%

→ 63% increase in videos viewed >50% on Paid Social