It's a thirsty business

Sidekick was tasked with producing an animated video with social adaptations to launch Winesapp - the wine app for worldly wine connoisseurs. The animation style was based on the wonderfully talented artist, Boisrond. We wanted a creative aesthetic that would standout and be remembered by a slightly more affluent audience of wine lovers. We took inspiration from the french artist Francois Boisrond. His work is very playful and uses vivid colours with a childlike charm. Definitely worth checking out his work if you’re not familiar.

Francois Boisrond reference
Early style exploration

The challenge

Trying to achieve a style of a world renowned artist with very limited budget is always a challenge but I think we did it! The illustration style required a few iterations before we got what we wanted - to achieve Boisrond's playful, loose, childlike style. This project was a great example where we had to create a lot with less due to limited budget, but we made it work and we’re very pleased with results (oh and so is the client).


We created the illustrations as vectors rather than hand drawing them since we could hen adapt the designs easily based on the client's requests. This also helped keep costs down. To compensate for this and make the animation feel slightly more paper-like we added a flicker effect and exported to 12fps (frames per second) which gives that nice lo-fi aesthetic.

So, if you’re someone who wants to find the best hidden bottled treasures when you’re out and about scouting for a meal or travelling from city to city, then check out Winesapp by Ourglass Wines.