June 22, 2023

The most innovative platforms and services that startups need right now

Beverley Griffiths

As a startup, time is always precious, sourcing the best talent always challenging and achieving growth with a limited marketing budget always tough.

We look at the most innovative platforms, services and software that have emerged in the last few years that have the capability to expedite arduous and time-consuming processes.

If your team are scattered around the globe, how do you host a successful team-building event that really brings everyone together? How do you recruit the best developers from a country with differing legislation? How do you integrate tailored customer interaction into your product when you don’t have the in-house capabilities in your tech team? And, how do you ensure that your customer data is 100% secure?

We look at 5 rapidly growing companies that are revolutionising the way events, remote working, data encryption, chatbots and recruitment are being handled.


While remote working expands your talent pool, sourcing and hiring global talent can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Omnipresent offer global recruitment services. As Wired note when they featured London-based Omnipresent in their 100 hottest startup list “In the age of remote working, talent can be found in all locations, but employers are still put off employing remote teams because of red tape.” Omnipresent handle the legal and regulatory, whilst their co-founders claim that they relieve companies of a lot of the admin necessary in sourcing and recruiting the best global talent.

In just the last 4 weeks they’ve been featured by The Times and Yahoo Finance.


Stockholm-based Teemyco has taken remote working software one step further to meeting user needs by attempting to bridge the gap that most remote software doesn’t meet – the connectedness and closeness feeling of working side by side in an office. As Teemyco’s CEO Charlotte Ekelund states “the remote work giants have yet to crack the art of the office hangout or the ‘togetherness feeling.’”

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Currently just a team of ten, Teemyco launched at a really pivotal time, just before the global pandemic hit and employees took to their home desks. Also, a time when we really felt a stronger desire for human connection than ever before.

There’s a really strong emphasis on emotions (and mental health) with the Teemyco offering; a lot of their product features are centred around making your colleagues smile, by offering emojis that enable you to ‘lovebomb’ your colleagues, meditation rooms and virtual coffee breaks.

If you have a strong remote-working policy then Teemyco is a really great way to keep your team connected, supported, motivated and encourage them to feel valued.


When Johnny Boufarhat founded Hopin, his goal was to “democratise access to networking and knowledge events, so that users could make business connections regardless of their location.” If you attended an online event prior to the days of Hopin, you’d have limited opportunities for remote networking or social interaction. In archaic events software, all of the commercial opportunities that events offer were stripped away.

If your startup takes a remote-first approach, with geographically distributed teams, running and/or attending events can be challenging. First released in 2019, Hopin is a platform for hosting virtual events that enable attendees and speakers to interact in virtual rooms. Hopin places an emphasis on connection and immersive experiences and facilitates ‘hands-on sessions’. It also handles your event marketing, speaker streaming is reliable and they offer capabilities like ‘badge printing and lead retrieval.


Having only come out of closed beta in August of this year, Evervault is a relatively new, but highly innovative data security startup that aims to simplify the encryption process by handling the end-to-end process. They eradicate the possibility of a data breach by automatically encrypting sensitive customer data at the ‘field-level’ before it even enters your app, and then decrypting it as it leaves.

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In a recent feature, TechCrunch notes that Evarvault is “targeting its tools at developers at companies with a core business need to collect and process four types of data: identity & contact data; financial & transaction data; health & medical data; and intellectual property.” Techcrunch go on to say that “among ‘dozens’ of companies in its closed preview are drone delivery firm Manna, fintech startup Okra and health tech company Vital.”

If your product handles customer data, then you may want to check them out.


Hubtype was founded on the notion that consumers don’t want to go on to your website to engage in conversation with a chatbot; they want to communicate with your customer service teams through the channels they’re already using – Whatsapp, iMessage and Twitter amongst others. As Wired put it “think of Hubtype as chatbots 2.0: helping businesses upgrade traditional communication channels to automated, conversational messaging for the e-commerce age”.

With a really strong emphasis on UX, Hubtype has developed an interface with interactive elements that really meets users needs.

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