June 24, 2023

Sidekick’s round-up of 2020’s top 5 Christmas adverts

Rupert Mason

In our previous blog post we discussed how storytelling can be a powerful tool to promote your start-up. These marketing strategies might seem a little more transparent over the festive period since each brand is fighting for your attention and telling you why they are the best place to shop for gifts with stories that tug at the heart strings.

Consumer emotions are heightened through the holiday period due to the ‘feel-good’ festive feelings of family, love and togetherness. These are powerful tools in the arsenal of any brand.

We’ve had a bit of an unfortunate year in 2020 and due to this, brands are taking the opportunity to take their Christmas ads to the next level in terms of relatable, emotional content. Some major brands such as Selfridges have taken a sideline this year, but we’re encouraged by those that have engaged. Despite the difficulties of filming during lockdown, brands have done an outstanding job.

We have rounded up our favourite Christmas adverts of 2020…

1. Tesco’s no naughty list

Whilst Tesco’s No Naughty List ad isn’t quite the emotional turmoil other brands have gone for, they really hit the nail on the head in the relatability department. It’s refreshing to see 2020 comedy used and honestly, we think everyone needed it.

2. Amazon's 'the show must go on'

We’ve all been impacted by cancellations and missed occasions this year. This is particularly true for the arts industries and so, we love Amazon’s reflection of the importance of the arts industries to people’s livelihoods.

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3. Doc Morris’s 'take care of yourself'

Well, if you were a 2020 Christmas ad skeptic before, then this should expel the Grinch from within you. It portrays, exactly, what Christmas is all about and how special our grandparents are, highlighting why we have spent the year protecting them. It’s a wonderful execution, which keeps you wondering right up until the end, and this time, what a great pay off!

4. Co-op's Christmas ad

The Co-op’s Christmas ad is more of an indirect approach to addressing 2020 events. Instead of bringing us to tears, it represents community and how we can all contribute. During the first lockdown, every Thursday night, everyone stood outside of their house and clapped for the NHS and key workers across the UK. The sense of community felt by everyone was reassuring and Co-op have recognised the importance of togetherness in these tough times.

5. TK Maxx's 'The lil’ goat'

TK Maxx really highlights the fact that it has been a hard year for EVERYONE. Yes, even goats. We thought we’d end with a bit of fun. It might not be a masterpiece but it’s a sound concept. Everyone deserves something special this year and we couldn’t agree more!

Sidekick Studios wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas with a happier New Year, we hope! We’d love to hear your favourite Christmas ads in the comments below.

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